Written Stories

This are links to personal Lyme stories that people have shared on the internet. All are linked with permission. Some of these stories are posted on facebook pages, you may need to log into facebook to read those stories.

Get your Lyme story added to the list. Leave your name and the link to your story in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

The Learn About Lyme website does not promote or specifically recommend any organizations or groups, nor does it claim that the information on any linked websites is valid.

Alyssa Knapp
Ashley Bouck
Ashley van Tol
Brandi McFadden
Candice M.
Casey Kolb
Chris Michael
Chrissy Parks
Clever Clover
Della Haugen
Desiree White
Donna Falcone
Doug Posluszny
Elizabeth Fadling
Eric Rutulante
Gail Pueschel
Heather Levine
Jessica Bergerson Sundeen
John Coughlin
Jonathan Golubiewski
Jordan Fisher Smith (page 196-201)
Kacy Henry
Kara Carey
Kaya Raigh
Kim Christensen
Kim Trick
Kristen Devlin
Let There Be Light
Lisa Schultz-Hilton
Lydia Niederwerfer
Mike Kasson
Melisa Hodges-Young
Mimi Hadley
Patricia Stenzel
Rebecca Wells
Ria Heslop
Rob Manten
Sara Hesley
Shannon Goertzen
Stacey Belyea
Suzi Nelson Overstreet
Tamara Owens
Tiffany Gonzalez



  1. paul steel said

    Feel free to add my story 🙂

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