Autor/ Lyme Expert


Borreliose Centrum Augsburg

Borreliose-Gesellschaft (DBG)

Deutsche Lyme Borreliose Hilfe


Lyme Disease Action

Are we missing an organization? Leave us the link in the comment box.


  1. L Baur said

    Looking for a LymeLiterateSomebody in Bavaria, Germany, or surrounding areas/countries. There is a 12-year old there whose doctor has pronounced her Stage 3 Lyme Paralytic and has given up on her. She’s twelve! Her mother is a single mom, working full time. If you have any leads at all, please message me.

  2. Hiya – I’d love to leave details of our website in Ireland 🙂

    Tick Talk Ireland –

    & blog site at –

    Many thanks for your help x

    Tick Talk Ireland

    “Encouraging awareness, prevention & treatment of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in Ireland.”

    Registered Charity: 19588

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