South Carolina

Lyme Disease Network of South Carolina

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  1. Conny said

    Need help with a doctor, even if just a GP that would treat me with Lyme being part of my problem DX, so I can even just know if I have an ear infection, for example. Right now everything I blame on Lyme so never go get treatment for anything, because I don’t have a doc to trust. If I don’t have a doc that is Lyme literate then they can’t recognize if there is anything else wrong. My aunt right now thinks I have cancer because of not being able to keep weight on even when I eat ice cream and fudge every night at midnight and its in our family. But who knows it could be a Lyme thing but don’t have anyone to ask. Also need a LLMD for Lyme treatment, still have problems there and my mis-DX caused damaging surgeries that cause me a lot of pain and swelling and disability just from it, but don’t have any help with that. I also don’t have SSD yet because for 6 yrs now I kept being turned down and waiting for judge, waiting time is 1 1/2 years, so cant get medicare. I really NEED HELP. anyone have any ideas?

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