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New Mexico Lyme Disease Support Network

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  1. Diane J. Marie said


    I have had New Mexico Lyme Disease Support for about four years or so. The group that’s called, New Mexico Lyme Disease Network does not exist anymore (it used to be run by someone else with a Yahoo blog but that blog is no longer active—not since May 2011.)

    We have monthly Lyme Get Togethers in Albuquerque. At the moment we have a monthly (sometimes bimonthly) newsletter. We hope to have a blog ready by early winter.

    I’m working on an extensive New Mexico Lyme Disease Support website, but it’s not public yet.

    Membership, the meetings and everything is always free! We have about 137 members.statewide. We learn from each other and support each other! Those who live in New Mexico can feel free to email me for more about Lyme, coinfections and the group, and finding an LLMD (Lyme-Literate MD) at:

    Thank you very much for a listing!

    Diane J. Marie
    New Mexico Lyme Disease Support

  2. Diane J. Marie said

    Looks good. Thank you again.

    Diane Marie

  3. Anonymous said

    Well, that explains why I have not received a response .. lol

    I just sent you an email.

  4. Diane J. Marie said

    Hi Lymenaide,

    There is only one state group in New Mexico and that’s New Mexico Lyme Disease Support. The other organization hasn’t existed since 2009.

    They’ve made errors at Lymenet on the support group listings. They won’t fix it. That’s where the mistake is coming from.



  5. Daniel James said

    Is there a LLMD in Alamogordo ?

  6. Diane J Marie said

    Hi Daniel!

    I’m sorry, there is no LLMD in New Mexico. But I have a short list of LLMD’s you can get in to see in only a few months, n the Southwest.

    You’re welcome to join New Mexico Lyme Disease Support. It’s free. Please email me, Diane, at

    I can email you a lot of information, including benefits and other information if you like.

    Diane J. Marie

  7. Diane J Marie said

    To the administrator of this site:

    New Mexico Lyme Disease Support Network hasn’t existed for years.

    I have New Mexico Lyme Disease Support with 296 members. The group is free to join! Email Diane: or

    Please make the changes. Thank you.

  8. Anonymous said

    Are You a Member of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” (group)?

    If so, I am a member of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” and am
    sorry to post this very sad news. Ms. Diane J. Marie, President of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support”, lost her battle with heart and lung diseases on November 5, 2017. Diane had moved to Omaha, Nebraska,
    in 2016. Diane’s Doctors in Omaha told her that her heart and lung
    diseases were due to complications of long-term cigarette smoking.
    Diane experienced two heart attacks in 2017 and had heart surgery on
    September 19, 2017. However, Diane’s body rejected the new heart
    valve that surgeons had replaced with her failed valve. Diane’s heart
    issues were complicated, as well, by a serious lung disease. As I was
    a very close friend to Diane, I feel sure that Diane would want you all to
    know that she considered her Lyme Disease virtually “cured”. In
    addition, as Diane was the first to say, “There is Hope for you”, I feel sure
    Diane would want you all to keep the Hope. As you are all aware, Diane
    was our beloved leader of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” and
    dedicated each and every day of her life, since approximately 2007, to
    serving, all in a volunteer capacity, those in New Mexico who contacted
    her for Lyme Disease support. Diane conducted monthly meetings (until
    she moved to Omaha) in Albuquerque, for those newly-diagnosed with
    Lyme Disease. Diane also distributed (via e-mail) her very
    comprehensive and informative Lyme newsletters every month to over
    350 “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” members. Diane had contacts
    in the Lyme Disease community nationwide, as well, and will be very
    missed by all who knew and loved her. As I do not have access to the
    list of e-mail addresses for each of the 350+ members whom Diane sent
    monthly newsletters, I am posting here to relay this sad news. If you
    have read this notice and know other members within “New Mexico
    Lyme Disease Support” (group), could you please pass this sad news
    along? Again, it is with great sadness that I pass along this notice to
    all of you of Diane’s passing. Could you please keep Diane’s memory
    alive by considering to educate those unaware of the epidemic of Lyme
    Disease in the USA and abroad? Thank you. May you all keep the
    Hope, be strong, and ultimately overcome your Lyme Disease.

    In Loving Memory of Diane J. Marie.

    This notice was posted January 5, 2018.

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